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A girl is walking down the street in Tokyo. Glass facade is reflecting strong light in golden hour.
to-ma-re 1. Golden Hour
This 'to-ma-re' illustration depicts a rare yet beautiful light moment: right before sunset, the sun casts horizontal orange light on the NHK building. The glass facade reflects the light into the overshadowed street.
A girl is walking down the street in Tokyo. Street lights and wending are glowing in pink dusk.
to-ma-re 2. Dream Walk
Often walking in the soft ambient light of dusk feels like walking in a dream. Especially when the sky turns pink for a brief moment of time and colors everything in pink. This illustration is about the feeling of walking in a dream.
Sakura petals and snow are falling at the same time in a street in Tokyo. A girl is looking at it.
to-ma-re 3. Sakura and Snow
At the end of March 2020 there was a sudden snowfall—a very unexpected thing for the usually warm sakura season. That subtly beautiful and rare coincidence is depicted in this 'to-ma-re' illustration.
Houses with electric wires above them at night. Distant city lights glow in the background.
Sleepy City
After living in the center of big city for few years, the calm evening atmosphere of a residential neighbourhood is unusual and soothing.
A girl in a narrow Japanese street is looking up at the sky with clouds.
Somnium 4
Somnium 4. 'Watch the sky'. At any point of time, elevate your perspective by looking up at the sky and realizing what it is—the atmospheric layer shielding you from the endless vastness of space.
Earth from the space. Light defines the border between night and day in different parts of Earth.
Somnium 3
Somnium 3. 'Imagine yourself from space'. Elevate your perspective by imagining how the whole of the humanity appears from space.
A girl is watching sunset from a mountain over the bay.
Somnium 2
Somnium 2. 'Observe the strange and foreign territory beyond the city known as "nature". In a hustle and bustle of cities it can be difficult to stay mindful and present. Take the time to go away and reconnect with the present by observing nature.
A girl wearing headphones is watching sunset on a rooftop in Tokyo.
Somnium 1
Somnium 1. 'Watch how everything changes from day to night'. Reconnect with the present moment by observing how the time is constantly passing.
A house by the lake with glowing light inside. Person sitting on the deck. Crescent move is above.
Somnium Concept Image
Drawn for a cover page explaining the concept behind 'Somnium' (a media specializing in content on perception). It illustrates the 'levels' of human perception—from a close realm of home, through forests and mountains—into a distant realm of moon and the outer space.
Smoke is rising from a coffee cup and escaping through the open window turns into grey clouds.
Cloudy Days Tokyo
Japanese summer is famous for its rainy season. Sometimes it feels like the whitish-grey days are endless and that your coffee mug is contributing to the creation of clouds.
Street in Tokyo. It's raining at night, orange festival lanterns are reflected in the wet road.
to-ma-re' Festival Road in Night Rain
In mid-september in Japan the streets are usually being decorated with hanging paper lanterns. The night rain makes these streets look even more magical.
Street in Tokyo. It's raining at night, the sky has turned pinkish-grey.
to-ma-re' Night Rain in Tokyo
Night sky turns a peculiar shade of pinkish-grey when it rains in Tokyo. The red lights on top of the tall buildings are coloring the cloudy night sky.